Q: How much does it cost to use the Auto-Biz Service?

A: The Auto-Biz service is free of charge. We are paid a sales commission by the supplying dealer therefore the customer does not incur any extra fees or charges.

Q: Am I obligated to purchase the vehicle that I inquired about?

A: No. You are not under any obligation to purchase the vehicle that Auto-Biz finds for you. We earn your business simply by  offering a time-saving service and the best price on your vehicle.

Q: Can I have a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle by my mechanic or car club?

A: Yes of course! We can help to arrange your inspection or take your vehicle to your chosen mechanic.

Q: Do you find cars from private sellers?

A: No. We only source vehicles from licensed motor dealers to ensure a warranty is obtained and guarantee of title is in place.  Negotiating with licensed motor dealers also means that Auto-Biz has control over any repairs or additional issues that come with purchasing a car.

Q: Where do you locate used cars?

A: Over the past 18 years, we have developed a large network of wholesale dealers including many auction houses.. We associate with dealers who are willing to offer quality vehicles at discounted prices.

Q: Where can we inspect the cars that Auto-Biz recommends?

A: Our consultants can arrange a number of different options for you to view our vehicle recommendations. You can meet with a consultant at the supplying dealer or more convientinetly; we can bring the chosen vehicle to your home or workplace. Auto-Biz understands that it is much more comfortable for you to test-drive an unfamiliar vehicle in a more familiar environment.

Q: Can I trade in my current vehicle?

A: Yes certainly. We shop your vehicle around to  ensure you receive the best price.

Q: What is the advantage of using a broker?

1. We don't have specific cars we try to sell you.

2. We  work for you! We are communicating with dealers to get you the best price possible.

3. We are independent, meaning we have no bias to any particular make or model of vehicle.

4. We won't insult your intelligence.

5. We will work under your instruction.

6. We are honest. If your request is unrealistic we will let you know and provide other alternatives.

happy customers
"Autobiz found the car to meet my specification and pricing within 4 days and the purchase including all the paperwork and registration was finalised and the car delivered to my office within 10 days of my initial enquiry.

How easy was that? I would recommend Autobiz to anyone who want hassle free car purchases and the peace of mind to know they are dealing with friendly and quality car brokers."

Peter Boyd
Mandrake Accounting Services

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